Jean Meyer
paintings, drawings and words 
Best of the Best 

This is my 'best-of' selection: copy tributes to those painters whose work I have admired.

Maddalena (Van der Weyden 1450)

Sofonisba Anguissola - SP

Leonardo - Cecilia Gallerani (detail)

Artemisia - Judith (detail)

Pontormo - portrait of a lady (detail)

giovanna tornabuoni (Ghirlandaio)

Sibyl (Michelangelo) detail

San Matteo and the Angel (Caravaggio) detail

San Giuliano (Piero d. Francesca) detail

The Libyan Sibyl (Michelangelo) detail

Giovane Donna (Pisanello) detail

Federico da Montefeltro (Piero d. Francesca) detail

Crucifixion (Van Der Weyden) detail

Pietà (Bellini) detail
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