Jean Meyer
paintings, drawings and words 
About the art
I have always felt that if pictures need a lot of words to back them up then maybe they should have been prose or poetry, and sometimes things which I might have wanted to write could be better expressed in an image. There is also a 'Reading Room' in this picture Gallery which you might like to visit.
Many of these paintings are based on very personal memories, often inspired by old photographs, but they may evoke other personal ideas in the viewer. Others refer to painters I admire. The drawings have been done everywhere, always (sometimes it's not physically possible to paint but you can always get hold of a pencil and paper). Painting was the first art form that entered my life and although I have left it alone in some periods, having little flirts with ceramics and photography, and always writing too, it remains somehow ‘natural’ to take up that brush and bring something into existence on that blank surface. (Perhaps we will be the last ones to make pictures using a stick with a few hairs attached to it.) 
About me
The art work IS me - it's me explaining life to myself and perhaps, sometimes, to those who view it.
Born in Britain, I have by now lived more years of my life in Italy than I lived in the UK and of course this will be reflected in the paintings. When young I passed through art college (as meat passes through the mincer), then lived for a while in Greece and once again in the UK before moving to Italy. (See Reading Room).